Important Features That Every Website Should Have

Important Features That Every Website Should Have

Hello Guys!!
Hope you all are doing great. Today I am back with another blog. In this blog, I'll share some ideas related to your website.Being a Seo Expert today I am talking about a real game-changer, yes! you read right game-changer because your web traffic depends on how your website looks attractive and your visitor spends time.

To understand this statement more clearly, let us jump into the basic points.
Let's understand, Why a website is important for business?

  • If you are running a business of any size or any type then it must be important for you to understand that you must own a website if you are going to make a brand successful.
  • Many businesses have limited knowledge of website features and designs. The website plays a vital role in moving upward your growth graph because having an effective website can give a boost to your sales, help to gain more consumers through well maintained and well-designed website.
  • Now at the point where you are making your presence in the market, it is a perfect time to build your website because a great business starts with a great website.

How does your website work?

  1. Most customers are searching for online information that will assist them to make clever purchasing decisions. In fact, according to the study of e-commerce research 88% buyers will explore all the information before they make a buy online or in-store.
  2. This acquiring nature trend the role of a website for businesses. If you want to be a successful businessman in the modern market place then you should build your professional website with correct features and strategies.
  3. A website is the grit of your business growth, upholding all your marketing efforts. Its help to make your online existence, each type of interaction or communication, a fragment of content or ads that you allow online will bring the customer back to your site.
  4. Creating a website is easy but maintaining with good designs with the right feature is a hard task.
  5. Your website is the pillar of your business, keep in mind that you make customer friendly website, not to add something that motivates your consumer to start a business with you and start giving you competition. An attractive website is good but adds appropriate elements with strategy are the most important part for a businessman.
It is also important that you feature correct things with correct information is important for your website should be like where a consumer clicks and find every information according to their needs.

Let me clear what tools and widgets are important and should must be add on in your website.

Who you are?


The about page of your website is cool! You can add essential information of yours, but you know how it works, this tool is not for your personal information.

It is very important what you write and how you write about your company or brand with the help of this, people can easily recognize you and create your image in the market. It will help your website to build the trust of your visitors. Give a perfect description with your company tagline also it should appear with the name and logo.

Sensible Domain Name:


"Don't make your things complicated" take an easy and sensible domain name with popular extensions like .com, .org, .co, .in which user can be searched easily on the web browser.

Include Navigation Site Map:

Adding a clear and correct link of your navigation is important for your business website also it helps in guiding visitors to the instruction they are looking for. They are admirable for both visitors and search engines that provide globally anyone can get all your content from the one-step site map.

SEO Action Required:

A business website allows you to enjoy its benefits only if you are familiar with SEO strategies for higher reachable by search engines. Make sure your website should contain correct text, appropriate keywords, plenty of links adding with URLs & title accurately which automatically boost your website's rank globally.

Customer Testimonial :

Virtuous statement from others helps to make your services more concrete to consumers who are visiting on your website for the first time. It will automatically build trust and credibility mainly when you are new in the market and also provide knowledge about whether your services meet their needs and expectations.

Add Social Media links:


It is the most powerful feature to gain organic & real visitors on your website. Nowadays your business profile on social media is just crucial as your business website. Make sure your social media links are displayed on your website so you will interact with more consumer on a personal level.

Easy Order Process:

If your website requires a signup process for taking orders and services then it will become complicated for you! Why so? Because visitors want to consume time and want to do things quickly. Make sure your visitors can order products and services without having sign-ups. By this, more people buy your service with happy moods.

Mobile-Friendly Version:


As we know devices become cheaper which results in a high amount of web traffic. Most people are using their smartphones for online purchase of goods and services. It will enhance your traffic on-site and give visitors an easy-to-use function for placing their order. If your website is not having a mobile-friendly feature then you will not able to get mobile responsiveness.

Secure Connection:

When you are providing online service, it's your responsibility to make an effort into securing your website for the customers. Many people have a fear of providing their personal information such as bank account or cards details due to lack of security. So it's your responsibility to make your website secure with SSL certificate for payment and other info too.

Live Chat :

If we observe, we find many business websites take advantage of Live chat software as a convenience to get interacts with every visitor and equips customer service quickly. Many people don't want to take a round of websites and FAQs for their service and information they want. Also, questions answered in a live chat in between the order processing will leave a great impact of trust.

By using multiple features on your website there are a few things which I want to clear with you. Make sure you do not add video content directly to your website as it will broaden the errors. Do not use those tools which require adobe flash player as not every visitor is capable to download the software.

Assuring right feature in your website distinguish you from your competitors in the market.But still you want any help do not hesitate let’s connect with our professional SEO EXPERT who are 24/7 available for your help. For more details follow our blog.

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