What should you choose for the Business? - SMM vs SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at one point is as simple as stuffing keywords all over the page & you had rank.

Before the beginning of Social Media, it was one of the only ways to build traffic to your website and also it became the marketer’s focus.

After that, Social Media Marketing is here to help marketers to build more connections to the audiences.

SEO & SMM work together to create perfect digital marketing strategies. So, let’s have a look at how businesses can use them to increase traffic and converts the audiences into clients & how to keep that customer to come again to purchase product/service.


It is the process to make search engines find and index website which makes easier for audiences to find you when they search you.

On-Page SEO

This is an SEO Task that you do on your website - ones you have the control on your website. Even if your On-Page is perfect, there’s no guarantee of the solid ranking.

Elements in On-Page SEO: -

  1. URL Structure: - Turn on the permalinks & utilize keywords in your URL. But unless you know what you are doing. Don’t go on changing all your URLs to include keywords because it can impact your ranking.
  2. Title Tags: - Target the Keywords in the Title Tag for each page of your website.
  3. Headings: - It is a good place to use keywords since search engines place a bit more weight on them but makes sure that you will use the keyword naturally.
  4. Alt Text for Images: - This won’t be visible to a person unless they hover over the image as it is important for good SEO.
  5. Page Load Time: - Google wants audiences to be able to find fast what they are looking for. Nearly half of the audience wants the site to be open within 2 seconds. To reduce the page loading time, you should use website friendly images i.e. images must be compressed as much as possible, the site must be optimize for mobile devices and other things.
  6. Internal Linking: - Link to other pages on the website only when it is useful for the visitors. It can help the search engines to see related content and the value of that which you are offering to the audiences.
  7. Page Content: - Google wants the quality & value in the content. If they come to the page after a specific search, they had better be able to find what they are looking for otherwise you will lose the rank.

Off-Page SEO

This means everything that you have to enhance your site rankings doesn’t happen directly on the website. Lots of people think that it is only about building the links to the site, but it is more than that.

It includes: -
  1. Backlinks: - It has a vital role in off-page SEO. Each time that you get a link from website from another website i.e. called a backlink. There are many ways from reaching out to other sites and asking for a link. The more relevant the content will, the more you will find people to link it naturally.
  2. Social Media: - Maintain your Active Presence on Social Media Platforms, sharing content, engage with the users. Social Media not only increases the number the links to your site, but it can help to bring traffic to your site. Make it easier for the people to share the content on social media.
  3. Social Bookmarking: - Adding articles to the website like StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious & Reddit helps to bring the traffic to the website. It builds a backlink too. When the new audience comes along from one of these sites, they stay and explore your site.
  4. Review Websites: - Creating the presence like Yelp & G+ carries its own weight in the terms of SEO. You will get more links to your site. They are important if you are doing any kind of Local SEO. If you are using these as part of your digital marketing strategies, make sure that you know what people are saying about you on those sites.

Off-Page SEO gives Google an indication of how other users & websites perceive a website. If lots of people are talking about it & linking to it. Obviously, they find it valuable & useful in some or the other way, so Google will adjust the rankings accordingly.

Higher the ranking, Higher Traffic you will get.


SMM refers to the way you market your business across the social media platforms. You may be doing some social media optimization (SMO), or working to enhance the company’s presence across the social media channels.

Who exist in this era that is unaware of Social Media Marketing & the impact has on your business? The majority of people maintain one social media account.

According to the research, the average person spends almost 2 hours and 30 minutes using social media.

The businesses realized that now social media has grown far more critical than it used to be. Companies are spending a lot of money and time to ensure social media campaigns which are getting desired responses.

Through Social media, you have access to around 3.48 billion people & that too from all around the world. Now, you can imagine the effect the social media that can have on your business.

One Without the Other is Pointless

If you do SEO without using SMO/SMM, then you are missing out a huge potential line for connecting to the customers online. You can use the method SMM to direct people back to your website, which helps to boost rankings through additional traffic & social signals.

But if you do SMM without any kind of SEO - you are making it hard for the people to find you organically without using the social media platforms.

SEO vs SMM: The Verdict

When it comes to choose between SEO & SMM, you can’t simply rely one of them.

Digital Marketing has taken over traditional marketing in most industries. Regardless of the fact whether you are a B2C or B2B (online), you can’t deny the impact digital marketing has on your growth & survival.

However, though both the strategies are fruitful for the company that you can’t really choose between them. SEO is a great method to generate organic traffic & increase website’s rank. On the other hand, SMM is an excellent tactic to build social presence & help to engage sirectly with the audience.

When it comes to choose between SEO and SMM, there is no perfect answer to that; you only have to select the strategy that fits best for the business or i.e. convenient for you.

Both of the strategies have been analysed properly so that you can decide which is one for you.

Spam, frauds & misleading opportunities will come your way so make sure you must take a perfect approach to avoid any dangers to the business.

But you still have questions and need help, Speak to one of our SEO Expert in Delhi today.

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