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Through this blog, I will guide you about Local SEO that helps to improve your website rankings on local keywords for your business.

What exactly you mean by Local SEO??

Local SEO stands for Local Search Engine Optimization. It is an effective way to market the local businesses online, as it helps the businesses to promote products/services to the local clients at the exact time they are looking for them online.

Local SEO is very important not for only smaller businesses but for all kinds of businesses that operates on regional rather than national level. While national SEO concentrates more on positioning in searches across the country, local SEO prioritizes organizing on SERPs in a particular location. These tactics rely on marketing the brand of products & services to local leads and clients.

That’s why Local SEO is very essential.

In fact, 46% of all searches are local on Google Search Engine.

If you are running a local business and you don’t have your local SEO, then you are missing an opportunity every time when someone searches for your products/services on the Internet.

About 90% of the people search for a local business on their mobile phones at least once in a week with 71,780 searches per second.

72% of the people visit a store within 5 miles.

If your local SEO is very poor and people are unable to find you on Google 1st page. While it’s easy to rank on your local area.

So, it is crucial to improve your local SEO if you want to upgrade the organic local traffic.

Sources taken from neilpatel.com.

Without Local SEO, your business can lose out on a significant amount of traffic.

I am revealing some ways to make Local SEO Successful.

Create & Optimize Google My Business Account

Fill out your profile on Google My Business i.e. a good place to start.

This profile allows us to manage the existence of various Search Engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

Sources taken from googlemybusiness.com

By filling the profile completely and collect reviews, you will upgrade rankings.

Google Maps will also show the searchers the elaborated profile of your business.

You know what 86% of the people look up the location of the business on Google Maps.

To optimize Google My Business Account ensures that you must: -

  • Verified your listings
  • Provide accurate and latest information
  • Include logo, operation hours, payment methods, products/services sold
  • Encourage the customers to review the business online
  • Respond sincerely to the reviews of customers
  • Content Creation within the account with Google Posts

Get Customer Reviews

It was easier for the bad businesses to twist branding disappoint customers.

The Internet has put more power into customers’ hands.

Research shows that 81% of the people read reviews and check ratings.

Getting the Customers to write engaging reviews for your business that doesn’t only optimize Google My Business presence but also encourage more and more local customers to buy from you.

Sources taken from Google.

Here are some tactics that encourage customers to give reviews: -

  1. Ask the customer to give reviews after the closing of the sale.
  2. Send a text asking customers to give reviews.
  3. Respond to the existing reviews in a very professional way.

Poor ratings will not help the customers to go for that product/service. And lack of ratings will not help the customers to build trust and confidence.

The best method to prevent negative reviews is to provide stunning product/service.

After listing your business properly on the main review platforms, it’s time to fill them with positive customer reviews and images.

As, According to Moz, Reviews throw a great impact on Google’s local rankings.

Make sure that you don’t ask customers for too many reviews at a time.

Voice Search Optimization

According to the Sources taken from Google.

This will grow rapidly in the coming future.

It is vitally important to optimize how people speak to ask questions into devices as how devices type out their searches.

In spite of the fact, customers use long-tail keywords while doing voice searches compared to regular typing search.

It is estimated by 2020, 50% of the searches will be happening using voice search.

Everyone is investing in Voice Search, as it is coming for good purpose, as one can speak more words than the fastest typing at the same time voice assistance is going to satisfy user needs.

Optimize Website

If the website is not optimized properly, it will be hard for you to climb at the top of SERPs.

Check your website SEO now to see how it can be upgraded.

To gain more knowledge, have a look at this blog SEO: - An Effective Guide to climb Google Rankings.

Create a Dedicated Contact Page: -

Now-a-days, people want more detailed information about your business organization.

  1. Make sure you clearly shows the following in your Contact Page: -
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Email Id
  2. Include business address at the footer of your website.
  3. Make sure that the phone number of your business must be clickable on mobile devices so that the customers must not switch between apps to type the phone number.
  4. Add a map to your website so that it will be easy for the customers to find you. So, include the interactive map of all your business address.
  5. Google considers testimonials a trust-related signal.

Get High-Quality Backlinks

According to the sources taken from Google.

It is vitally important to get links to boost SEO but the quality must be important.

Here are some tactics to get high-quality backlinks: -

  1. Create high-quality content on the website so that others will link to your content.
  2. Guest blog on reputed sites with high domain authority.
  3. Engage with the local people on Social Media Platforms or by Email Ids.

At this moment, it seems that local searches gain greater importance in connecting with search engines users with relevant results and helps in the visibility to get ranked higher on Search Engines.

To gain more valuable information about backlinks, Catch up this blog Build Backlinks for your Website.

I hope this guide helps you to learn about Local SEO.

Still, have questions hitting in your mind?

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