latest web development technologies in 2021

latest web development technologies in 2021

Guys as we know, Technology is one thing that does not stop at any cost. Take a pandemic, for example, countries all around the world are in lockdown but the online space is booming. To keep up with the changes in the Web Development realm, we need to be up to date with the new features that you can add to reel in more web traffic.

Applications that do not require servers

With the recent advent of cloud computing, experts are researching the realm of serverless applications and architecture.
By going serverless, we can potentially avoid loss of data, overloading of the system and the strain that is put on our monetary resources. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are some of the big vendors dedicated to developing serverless algorithms and execution models.

By implementing serverless websites, we could manage the consumption of resources usually allocated to store files of the website, considerably decrease funds spent on support and enhance flexible apps. These services are going to bring in some additional features such as chatbots and IoT apps along with other APIs that may revolutionize cloud computing used for the Digital Marketing space.

Accelerate Mobile Pages(AMP)


AMP technology was developed to enhance the user’s web experience. It focuses on optimizing pages and primarily decreasing page speed to prevent the possibility of abandonment due to lagging or slow performance.
It works by including a plugin to your website that was developed by Google and Twitter. This technology also makes your website compatible with all data formats, especially mobile.

AMP can significantly decrease funds spent on UX and runs well on native apps. This gives businesses that are just starting up or considerably small businesses an edge while competing with the bigger companies

Mobile Based Marketing


We went from Desktops to Laptops and from Laptops to tablets and to a mobile phone which can do almost everything you can on your desktop.
Ask any millennial what is one thing that they can’t live without and we are sure mobile phones will be one of the major answers. 54% of all website traffic is from mobile phones.
Hence, with the change of the preferred medium, it only makes sense to get your website completely mobile friendly.

It could be helpful to expand your website into an app or add other mobile hardware features that could enhance the user experience such as the strategic placement of physical buttons.
Marketing through mobile phones also means you do not have much creative space to work with. Hence, prioritize on the value of each and everything you add to your website. A minimalistic web page with appropriate colour schemes and straightforward geometric architecture is advised.
You can also take it a step further by adding call-to-actions such as directing contact numbers to calls.

Push Notifications


Push notifications could serve to be very useful for customer retention. First of all, users can opt to go for push notifications, hence, it is a service that they willingly want.
To include push notification in your web and mobile apps could remind them to open up your website and check for update. This way you can keep your customers in the loop with updates regarding your business or sales and events.
Many major web apps such as Facebook, Google Mail, Instagram already have push notifications enabled. Hence, you should think about setting it up for your website as well.

Website applications


In the last year, more than half of purchases through eCommerce websites were made using mobile phones. So, since we know that people prefer online shopping on their mobiles, why not create a standalone web application as an extension to your website to make the user experience more pleasant.

Such website applications can easily be implemented using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React and many other languages and it also provides your consumers with access to cached content without having to be online. Website Application can be especially useful for E-commerce websites and news platforms

Voice Search Optimization


Typing has become overrated now and people can get things done just by saying what they want because of the astounding advancements in Artificial Intelligence. Hence, with the voice optimization feature getting its due recognition, you have to do the necessary changes that ensure your website and description of your physical products are optimized for voice searches and commands.
This way you are making it easier for both end-users and the general public to get to your website and also giving them a chance to multitask which increases time spent on your website browsing for products. Implementing Voice search optimization could also help you get more data concerning the behaviour of your users; the points they consider while making decisions.

Adding these features to your website will considerably increase the quality of user experience for your consumers. Hence, to ensure you stay competitive with potential business in the same space, 2021 would be a good year to upgrade. For more query and consultation call us or mail us.

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