SEO Trends for 2020 that You Should Need to Know


Online Competition continues to upgrade and new websites have already been launched.

Now, it’s time to rethink the . Websites must need to fulfill the specific requirements updated by search engines like Google and at this time, it is very important to work on SEO Strategies .

So, Let’s dive into the SEO Trends for 2020.

Snippets Dominate More Search Clicks: -

Google has evolved in these years to deliver better search experience for the visitor. Featured Snippets usually appears above the 1st organic or paid results.

To take advantage of this feature and drives more traffic to your website, you need to provide clear answers to commonly asked questions on your website. Featured Snippets are evaluated and boosted at the top. It depends on the quality and the way Google Determines.

Don’t take this trend lightly, as most of the clicks from Google originate from Snippet i.e. it can be around 74%.

This Snippet represents a great opportunity for the content creators that it gives you the ability to generate more organic traffic even if you are not ranking at the 1st position.

Secure Websites are must: -

User Safety is another trend that doesn’t seem to have much to do with SEO as it is essential to the website visitor experience. If they see a Not Secure Warning appear, they may decide not to proceed with the page in the organic search listing. That’s why it is important to enabling the https protocol for your site as it gives the website a secure connection.

Google wants the visitors to go for a secure browsing experience. If you are trying to collect personal information from the visitors on the website, then you have a responsibility to protect privacy.

Website Optimize for Voice Search: -

Before the coming of the innovative smartphones, people search by using keywords into search engine boxes on devices. Voice Searches is becoming a popular trend among internet users. Searches are not only done on mobile devices, but they can be performed on home voice assistants such as Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TV, etc.

Knowing to optimize the website for voice search can generate more and more organic traffic if you understand and implement SEO Strategies.

Using Voice Searches, Search Engine is getting more relevant information that the user is looking for at that moment, making short keywords is not so important anymore.

High-Quality and Optimized Content: -

Content affects everything in SEO, as Crowe said.

According to the latest fact, you will have to write something that must be relevant and valuable. Make it your goal to have the best content on the topic. This allows you to compete effectively for long-tail searches and will help to build the site authority and demand for the content. Google is looking to satisfy a visitor’s needs and represents the type of market investment that Google will never make because Google is about to do things with massive algorithms.

Video is a Source of Information: -

You must be aware that voice searches are becoming much popular these days. According to Google, other organizations show that 6 out of 10 people would rather watch videos online rather than live TV.

It means, it seems that YouTube has now become the new TV.

Remember: - A Quality Video can attract many users.

The question is: How does this affect SEO?

To reach wider with the use of videos, you need to optimize it for search users. To do this, use appropriate keywords in the description and video’s headline that will guarantee a wider reach.

High - Quality Content is much more important: -

Online Ads will still work for driving businesses, but it is going to be more expensive in the years coming. And unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that the customer will respond to your ad.

That’s why creating high-quality content is an essential part of SEO Strategies. Users want the content i.e. relevant & helpful and that is why Google tends to reward with higher search engine rankings.

Content must be researched thoroughly and follow a logical structure that makes it easy to navigate and read.

Informative and Quality Articles is the only type of Content that will grow the website’s popularity. According to Google Report, 71% of the readers said that users have shifted their pages that will seems like a sales pitch.

Web Pages contains longer and high-quality content that will get more visibility today. Internet Users prefer to get all the information they need from a reliable source.

Google proves that the articles of 2000 or more words will usually get more readers than the article with fewer words.

No matter how good the Content is, none of that matters if your web page doesn’t load quickly in few seconds, user will shift to another page. Don’t use the words that are unfamiliar to the audience.

SEO is very important these days for businesses. This doesn’t refer only to the keywords - it refers for optimizing the content for users.

Each Year New Trends will appear that change the way of information published on the Internet.

If you are aware of these trends, that’s great, it’s time to focus more on that so that you can generate more generated traffic from Google.

But you still have questions and need help, Speak to one of our SEO Expert in Delhi today.

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