Build Backlinks for your Website - A Step-by-Step Guide

How to build backlinks for new website?

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Today’s blog guides you on how to build backlinks.

To make your website rank on SERPs, link building is very essential. Backlinks are an inbound hyperlink from one web page to another website. It is one of the great ways to get new links and when it works, it is very convenient to rank.

In our industry, we say google check 3 major points to rank a website 1st how many visits you receive on your website or web portal, 2nd out of those visits how long the visitor stays on your website, then out of those visitors how may come back again to your site!

Well yes if you don’t know how to create backlinks the game is no longer for you.

So what you should do is?

You have to build High-Quality & Relevant Backlinks that have a high value.

It is a very difficult job but once you understand that what site owners are looking for, it gets a little bit easier for you. And if you want high - quality links, you must know how to write a great link request pitch.

I am going to guide you about the strategies to build backlinks.

As you know that Google loves websites with the relevant web pages getting linked to them as it can help to rank above the competitor’s web pages. It is very essential to have backlinks organically rather than paid.

Understand what site owners are looking for

There are many sites that deserve links as they have awesome content. But it is not important that all the sites create good pitches, that’s why they don’t get links.

I know it is not right. Unfortunately, that how it is.

The main point is that sites won’t get backlinks until you put great content & URL of your targeted page.

I consider the pitching line and the article or questions on site which can provide you backlinks but I know many people don’t consider those, some newbies just post links to site without powerful content, and mostly they waste time into this.

That’s why you have to elaborate your pitch.

What are the consequences does the site get?

Getting backlinks for the site is very essential for link - building strategy so almost every site wants to have the best links. To get more and more links from different sites, you have to tell them what benefits they will get. You shouldn’t ignore this if you are serious about getting lots of high-quality links to your site.

What webmaster looks?

  1. Content must be relevant to the site
  2. Content must be elaborative
  3. Content must be easy to read

Relevant Content is must

Every week, I get articles that have completely irrelevant content. You would not believe that but it is a true fact. It doesn’t mean that I gave out links to them. I am very choosy. I gave links to those sites who have relevant content. So, you have to go for something extra when you are creating that content. If your content is not so good, you will not get any links.

Going off that, you also need to make sure……

The Content is detailed and deep

If you have 6000 words content, it is worthless unless and until it is relevant to your topic and moreover it should be valuable to your targeted audience. You could have 300-500 words content and if it is valuable and has some worth, it gets ranked on the Search Engines fastly. You know what longer contents gets more links and seems to rank better. If you regularly post relevant content doesn’t matter whether it is long or short, you will get attention and drive more traffic to your site.

Write Relevant Pitch

You require to spend more time on your subject line than any other part of your request as your subject line determines whether the visitor will click on it or not. If your subject line is not engagable, your email might go in spam. It is very important to use natural voice. Try to think something that is outside the box. Even you can use emoji in your subject line or to grab the attention of the users you can use your main words in Capital Letters. Be friendly and remember to state the benefits you will give to them.

I only suggest that you must know what people are looking for and give that to them. Every site looks for high - quality content. The Trick is to convince the sites by your friendly pitch to accept your site URL.

These are some of the strategies used by me. So, just give it a try!!!

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