Tips to enhance your social media to boost SEO

Social Media to boost SEO

This guide will show you exactly how you can use your Social Media to boost SEO .

In this blog you will know:
1. How Social Media ImpactsYour SEO
2. Social Media Strategies that Boost YourSEO
3. 10 SEO Techniques You Can Use in Social Media Marketing
4. 10 Ways Your Social Media Posts can Improve Your website SEO
And Things You Need to Know about social media,
So if you want to boost your SEO with Social Media Platforms, this guide is for you.

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About the Author

I launched my first website on 2017.
And I realized that SEO was going to be a part of my site’s success.
And thanks to years of reading and experimenting, I have had a ton of success with SEO …..
And in today’s guide, I'm going to reveal that Do Social Shares really matter for ranking?

Focus on Social Media and SEO in marketing procedure has become standard practice for many businesses but how to get the work together is still a debated topic.

You are using Social Media to: -
1. Increase Brand Awareness
2. Manage traffic to your website
3. Manage sales of products and services

The connection between Social Media traffic and website traffic - 40% of Twitter ( Social Media Platform) users reports purchasing something after seeing it on Twitter - but the link between your social media Social Media Activity and search engine rankings is more compound than you might think.
It was widely assumed that reach, engagement, and shares from Social Media Networks boosted SEO and helped brands climb the rankings. In 2014, Google SEO Expert Matt Cutts explained that social media activity such as “followers on Twitter” and “likes on facebook” are not used as signals in the search engine’s algorithm. Social Media can have a significant influence on your SEO indirectly.

Is there any link between Social Media and SEO ?

In order to understand the extent to which Social Media Promotion increases search engine rankings. You can see a strong correlation between Social Activity and Search Engine Rankings along with findings that “paid promotion” has double the SEO benefit of organic promotion.
The indirect link between Social Media and SEO is understood by the simple steps of the user journey. The more there is an increase in engagement and sharing of Social Media Posts, the more people see it. And the more people will see it, the more it is get linked from other websites. These backlinks will create better rankings, which leads to more Social Media Activity and this cycle continues.

Optimizing Social Media with SEO can strengthen this tie and allow them to synchronize more effectively. Here are 10 ways to improve your Search Rank with Social Media.


Keeping the content of your Social Media Profiles with website is the first step to allow Social Media and SEO to work together and benefit one another. Make your usernames the same as your website URL is possible and match the keywords in your intros and bios to your website - particularly the first word which is the most important in Google Search Rankings . Maintaining the consistency will upgrade your brand image as well as giving Social Media Accounts .


It is important to push the values, mission, and vision of your brand on your Social Media Platforms as well as on your website. Your website and Social Profiles is appear next to each other on SERPs , brand principles are important content for them to share in order to be cross - linked and give your Social Media more and more SEO Authority. This will get you higher rankings on Google - powered Social Social Platforms when people search for content which relates to your brand principles.


Posting links to the site on Social Media is a very great way to manage traffic there and get Google to notice that your website is being utilized, but you need to give people a very good reason to click through. Post titles that grab follower’s attention that leave them to desire more, so they are encouraged to follow link to your website for the full story. This will make your content more shareable, reaching more people, gaining more followers and generating more visitors of the site.


One of the factors in the ranking algorithm of the various search engines that how much time people are spending on your website. A huge benefit of leading people there via Social Media is that you can be more certain that targeted audience finds the appropriate content and spend longer engaging with your website. Make sure using Social Media Networks to connect with the potential people and construct a relevant content. Joining of Groups, Leaving the comments and take part in discussions. Your Social Media Post will have a far greater effect on your SEO if it is directed at the correct people.


Being an active and valuable member of Social Media Communities do not only allow to construct a relevant following of potential customers, but it is an opportunity for relevant influencers in industry to see content and link it to own fanbase. If you are engaging posts, brands and individuals who publishes regularly to include you and creating high quality backlinks to your website.


Many people will click a link because audience like a photo it is attached to without even reading the captions. Whenever, it’s a high - quality photo or an eye catching infographics, strives to include images in many other Social Media Platforms to post which is possible to engage people. When there is content posting from your website, make sure to match relevant keywords to the topic in the image alt tag to keywords in title or caption.


If posts includes well - placed hashtags which can boost your SEO in many ways. Firstly, hashtags will provide keywords for you to match with your web page keywords. Secondly, they make you discoverable by new audience searching within various Social Media Platforms who will check your profile and click on your web links. Thirdly, Google’s partnership with twitter has led to hashtags included in Google search results and included as a live feed at the top ofSERPs . While this doesn’t directly affect your SEO , it gives you a new way of being discovered, upgrade brand authority and lead to update in link building with other sites. Sealing up your posts with hashtags can reduce engagements and brand authenticity but incorporating relevant keywords each time can manage traffic to Social Media Platforms and website.


Paying for boosting posts on social media has a positive effect on SEO . However, if your budget allows, strives doing this at times of online buzz around your industries or selecting some of your stand-out content to promote it. For e.g., making ads for created landing pages such as new blog articles or product lines can help to flag them to Google and get them indexed more quickly.


Without delving too far into coding complexities, there are some websites which automatically tag links as NoFollow. NoFollow links are not acknowledged by the search engines, whereas DoFollow links are. Some of the most popular Social Media Channels will NoFollow your links and prevent them from boosting SEO – it seems that Facebook and Twitter follow this practice. Pinterest and Reddit, on the other hand, allow DoFollow links for you to generate SEO value. Including relevant DoFollow platforms in your Social Media Marketing Strategy will also help you to reach new audiences.


If reaches, engagements and shares are the key factors to give Social Media Profiles relevant and authority, making sure of your content that will achieve those things as vital. Post high - quality content and keep it varied to sustain the interest of your audience. Posting mix of competitions, behind the scenes content, content generated by users and long content stories as well as your products and services will construct brand personality and strengthen your connections with followers and influencers.

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